“If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, you don’t know what you’re doing.”

​–​ W. Edwards Deming

My Process for Helping You
Create Marketing Breakthroughs

Here’s a high-level overview of my process, and what you can expect for how we will work together…


Determine Fit

This starts on our quick 20-minute Intro Call and is a 100%-essential prerequisite to working together.

Of course I want to know more about:

  • You,
  • Your business,
  • Your customers, and
  • Your offers.

I gotta know what we’re selling, and who’s buying, and if I’d get joy from being a part of that.

Beyond that though, I KNOW I work best with copy-driven direct response marketers.  If you don’t know Claude Hopkins, we prolly won’t jive.  Similarly, I’m looking for a willingness to test, experiment, and even do a few things that fail on our way to knowing what succeeds and scales.

And, I need to like you, and it’s probably important that you like me!  I’m looking for personality fit, on top of everything else.

Assuming we both want to move forward after the Intro Call, the next step is a 60-Minute Clarity Call, where we really get started and dig in with…



Be ready, because we get deep, fast.

My goal is to identify and get clarity on…

  • The biggest problems,
  • Challenges,
  • Desires,
  • Unfulfilled opportunities,
  • Upcoming campaigns,
  • Big goals, and
  • Existing priorities…

… in your business.  (I use “problems” as a catch-all word here.)

My biggest job as CMO & Copy Chief is to solve your biggest marketing problems.  And we both need clarity on what that means for you and your business.

On this call, I’ll dig deep with you to come up with a comprehensive list of problems to solve.  Then we’ll group and chunk these up, because often 5 smaller problems are really just symptoms of one bigger one.  Or solving one problem really solves 3.

Beyond this, the Clarity Call continues with…



What’s the biggest, most important problem to solve first?  And then what?  And after that?

I’m sure your business has a ton going on.  But it’s critical to know what our biggest goals — our rocks — are, that everything else needs to fill in around.

The team needs a vision to rally around.  And part of that vision is having a clear destination in mind.  A journey can take you to destination after destination.  But the most efficient path will aim for one big destination first, ensure you get there, then move on to the next.

This is the essence of defining our priority.

Now before we can continue from here…

This is Your
Decision Point

The Intro Call and Clarity Call together get us through Step 2.

In a little less than 90 total minutes on Zoom, we should have a pretty good big-picture perspective on what needs to happen in your business and your marketing.  At least, what big problems need to be tackled, and opportunities pursued.

We should also have a pretty good idea if it makes sense for us to tackle those problems together.

And so by the end of the Clarity Call, I’ll also share with you what it will take to move forward.  You’ll learn about my Half-Day Consultation, as well as my Gold and Platinum levels of service.

And assuming it makes sense, we’ll lay out an action plan for ongoing work together, usually starting with the Half-Day Consultation.

Bringing us to…



Either in the Half-Day Consultation or to kick off the Platinum service, we’ll pivot from defining the problem to creating solutions.

This is where we define the projects designed to solve the highest-priority marketing problems.

We’ll get clear on the big objectives for the solution, as well as success criteria — what has to be true for the solution to be fully implemented, for the highest likelihood of getting results.

Along the way, a whole mix of additional things can happen.

  • We audit your current marketing — what you’re doing, as well as who is doing it — to find opportunities for improvement.

  • We define KPIs and reporting requirements to track our success.
  • We see if there are any Fast Cash Flow opportunities to get rapid ROI from our work together.
  • We get crystal-clear on your client avatar(s) to make sure your marketing aligns with your ideal buyers.
  • We develop Conversion Architecture Blueprints to visualize your current and ideal customer journey, as well as any core funnels.
  • We review your copy to make sure your messaging is the best it can be.

In the end, you’ll walk away with a 90-Day Action Plan plus a whole mix of supporting resources to assist in hitting your big goals.

Which sets your business and marketing team up for…



This is a MAJOR difference between a consultant and a Fractional CMO.

Any old consultant can come in and give you a list of things to do…  But somewhere along the way, you need a leader to guide the team in getting it done.

That’s the role of the Fractional CMO.

The core of either Gold or Platinum service is the Weekly Performance Meeting.  

In this meeting, we review our progress through the 90-Day Action Plan and toward achieving the marketing goals.

  • We look at progress made during the previous week, and what needs to be done for the coming week.
  • We review KPI reports, and identify any areas requiring attention.
  • We address any issues that have come up in completing the plan, and figure out what needs to happen to stay or get back on track.
  • And we make a written Weekly Plan for the coming week, based on our 90-Day Action Plan.

Throughout the week, I’m also available for updates, to answer questions, and to review completed work.

  • For Gold, your executive team gets priority access to me by email throughout the week.
  • For Platinum, you and your full marketing team get me by both email and Slack (or I can work within your company’s current chat/messaging platform).

And I always like to start new client arrangements by finding some kind of Fast Cash Flow Campaign — some path to fast results — we can run to get rapid ROI on our work together.

This is the point where my process splits significantly for Gold and Platinum.

The net result of the entire process above is you have me as a regular and consistent advisor in your business, for a couple hours per week.  I help you create a plan for success, and advise you on implementation.

Platinum goes much deeper, with full engagement with your business and your team — to guide performance at the highest levels.

As your Platinum-level Fractional CMO & Copy Chief, in addition to the Weekly Performance Meetings…

  • I’m leading quick daily stand-up meetings with the marketing team, to keep the Weekly Plan on track.
  • I’m taking ownership of addressing any issues, friction, or roadblocks to implementing the 90-Day Action Plan and hitting the business goals.
  • I’m leading development of the KPI reporting process, and directing the team-led use of those reports for a clear picture of our marketing performance.
  • I’m available for as-needed meetings, including copy/campaign reviews and strategy sessions, company leadership conversations, vendor calls, and more.
  • I’m reviewing copy, campaigns, messaging, positioning, offers, strategy, and more — to ensure the right focus and that it serves our highest goals.
  • I’m managing HR activity within the marketing department, including performance reviews, recruitment, hiring and firing marketing staff and vendors, and generally ensuring we have the right capability, competence, and capacity in place to succeed.
  • I’m helping to train and develop copywriters and other marketing staff, maximizing their current performance and future contribution.
  • I’m providing ongoing strategy and direction for traffic/media buying, conversion/positioning/messaging, and economics/offers.

Throughout my time working with you as your Platinum-level Fractional CMO & Copy Chief, I’ll be handling the essential leadership in the marketing department to hit these goals.  I focus on strategy and leadership, and delegate technical implementation to the team.

This works out to roughly ten hours per week, although any given week may be more or less based on what is going on in the business.

Either way, I’m fully engaged in giving you CMO-level leadership, on a fractional-time basis.



I do ask for a 90-day (3-month) minimum commitment for either my Gold or Platinum level services.

(Gold is also only available after the Half-Day Consultation.  Platinum without a Half-Day works those same services into the first few weeks.)

This ensures we have enough time to get in there and really start to make a difference, based on the 90-Day Action Plan.

Beyond 90 days, we can both decide whether or not to continue moving forward — and what that looks like.

Assuming we choose to go forward, we repeat the process:

  • Step 1 — Problems: We revisit and update the problem list to ensure it’s complete and encompasses your biggest goals, needs, and objectives.
  • Step 2 — Priority: We establish the most important problems to solve in the next 90 days.
  • Step 3 — Plan: We create a new 90-Day Action Plan for the marketing team, and update all relevant elements from the original plan.
  • Step 4 — Performance: We implement this new 90-Day Action Plan!

This 90-day cycle is a highly-effective, robust, and scalable way of working together to accomplish your big business goals.

We can continue it together as long as it makes sense to do so — including to the point where you’ve grown into needing a full-time CMO and I help you recruit and onboard my replacement.

My ultimate goal is our shared success.  And this is the process by which I will make it happen. And it all starts with the complimentary and no-obligation Intro Call.

Ready to Get Started?

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