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Sales & Profits

Fractional CMO for 
Direct Response Marketers

I help direct response businesses and entrepreneurs generate more leads, customers, sales, and profits… With new and optimized predictable, repeatable, and scalable marketing systems and strategies.


KPI-Driven Marketing Leadership

Inside Your Business

EPC. AOV. LTV. CPA. CAC. ROAS. And importantly — profit!

Together, we define what metrics and KPIs are important to YOU and YOUR BUSINESS. Then, I lead your team as they improve those KPIs to reach your high-level business goals.

I’ve been a direct response & digital marketer for “how to” online publishers and expert businesses since 2005…  I come from the school of scientific, results-driven, sales-multiplied marketing…  And I LOVE solving big marketing and business problems.

If this sounds like a fit, we should talk.

“Roy is not just a great copywriter but now an industry leader as well.”

Founder, Titans Marketing & Business Builder at Boardroom, Inc./BottomLine

“Use Roy’s techniques and you’ll see a lot more cash coming to you almost immediately.”

Partner in 9-figure direct response business Agora, Inc., best-selling author of many books on business and marketing under pen name Michael Masterson

The average CMO makes $341,815 per year.

January 2023 Report

Okay, but what’s a Fractional CMO?

A Fractional CMO is a part-time Chief Marketing Officer, leading marketing strategy and managing the marketing department.  Fractional CMOs typically work with businesses that need the role of a CMO, but not at full-time capacity or cost.

As YOUR Fractional CMO, I become your strategic marketing leader, helping you achieve your business goals.

  • We look at where your business is at, and the biggest challenges and opportunities you’re facing.
  • We map out your customer journey and key conversion steps, finding leverage points for KPI improvement.
  • We create the strategy & I lead your team through execution to make the goals happen!

Short term, I usually want to create one or two quick wins within the first 30 days, to start off on the right track.  Longer term, I’m looking to help you achieve systematic and sustainable growth through repeatable and scalable processes, team-building, and next-level marketing and business strategy.

Let’s Work Together

Half-Day Consult

One-time service. Starts with pre-work and Q&A through email. Then a 4-hour deep-dive together. Followed by specific strategy recommendations for you to implement.

Fractional CMO

Engaged service.  Full strategy + fast cash campaign in first 30 days, then daily execution through min. 90-day sprint.  Embedded marketing leadership in your business.

Strategic Advisor

Advisor service follows Half-Day or Engaged.  Strategic marketing advisor to your business.  Quarterly planning & strategy plus bi-weekly sprint planning calls, plus priority access.

“Our recent growth would not be as substantial without Roy’s skills.”


As President, CBT Nuggets, LLC

What X-factors do I bring to the table?

    1. A-List Copywriting. I know and have worked with the world’s best copywriters — I’ve even trained quite a few. As Fractional CMO, I’m not writing copy. But I can lead your internal and external copywriting talent to create better results.
    2. Conversion Architecture. I design campaigns, funnels, and flows to maximize conversions, EPC, and LTV. This behind-the-scenes sophistication gets you better results across the board.
    3. Direct Response Principles. I’m not lost in flavor-of-the-day tactics. I focus on the core principles & strategies that make a measurable difference and help your marketing team achieve your business goals.
    4. Powerful Network. I’m well-known amongst many of the world’s top direct response marketers.  Partnerships, outsourcing, and talent recruitment are easier when you already have the connections.
    5. Resource Library. I’ve created 100s of hours of content on marketing principles, strategies, techniques, and tactics. And can provide your team members with targeted on-demand training to guide their success.


“The testimonial for Roy Furr is: I don’t like to put anything out there that’s really important, that’s gotta move the needle, without running it past Roy.”


Bestselling author on Google Ads and Facebook Advertising, author of 80/20 Sales and Marketing

Let’s Get Started

1. Intro Call

We’ll do a quick meet-and-greet, see how we fit, and decide whether it makes sense to go any further — all in a quick 20-minute call.

2. Strategy

A 60-minute strategy session with me, gratis, to get clarity on your current marketing challenges and biggest opportunities — followed by an action plan to move forward, if it makes sense.

3. Action

Whether Half-Day or Engaged, you’re getting a comprehensive marketing plan within 30 days.  With Engaged, you’re also getting leadership to execute this plan through the rest of our first 90 days and beyond.

Following the initial engagement, we can decide what makes the most sense going forward.

Do you really need a Fractional CMO?

I like working with really good marketers, often copywriter-entrepreneurs who built their business on the back of their marketing talent.  If that’s you, you’d probably agree that you could easily provide the same level of strategy & leadership as I do.

So why would you work with me?

  • Maybe you’re tired of being mired in the day-to-day management of marketing, and want to elevate your role as CEO and leader in your business.
  • Maybe you want me to take a fresh look from an outside perspective, without the “this is how we always do it” blinders that often come from extended experience in a niche or business.
  • Maybe you want to buy time for yourself by only focusing on the biggest “what” goals for your business, and getting my help with planning and managing the “how” and “who.”
  • Maybe you want a C-level strategic partner to help you solve your biggest marketing and business problems, and don’t have anyone internal to step up and fill that role.
  • Maybe you can think of your own reasons for moving forward.

Whatever your reason why, the best way to get started is to book an intro call with me.

Let’s Talk

I don’t want to work together unless I see us creating some big wins.  Let’s find out if that can happen.  The 20-minute Intro Call is the first step — and there’s no obligation or hard sell in moving forward.

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