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Let me review your direct response copy.  Ads, email campaigns, landing pages, video sales letter (VSL) scripts, sales letters, funnel copy, direct mail, and more.

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Your Copy Review Includes:

I spend an hour before our copy review call, reviewing your copy and making notes.

One-Hour Call 
We hop on Zoom for an hour and go through the copy and my notes, plus you ask any questions.

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You get a downloadable recording of the call for your private reference.

You also get an AI transcription of the call to easily reference anything discussed.

Review Notes 
You get my notes including draft copy written on the call, for easy reference during editing.

Patrick said the copy I reviewed was making $9+ EPC and converting at 4.2% to cold traffic…  So I asked him to share his story…


— Earnings-Per-Click (EPC) over $9… & up to $13 for affiliates!
— 4.2% conversion rate on acquisition
— $176,000 in 15 days, just in internal testing (before ramping up paid traffic)
— Over 800 new customers
— And just getting started!

“Usually when we roll out a new funnel, we have to go to work on parts of it to improve conversion… But this thing just came out of the gates screaming.”

Perry Marshall: “The testimonial for Roy Furr is: I don’t like to put anything out there that’s really important, that’s gotta move the needle, without running it past Roy.”


— I helped Perry “reel in his eccentricities” — his description, not mine — to focus on how he could help people NOW
— I gave him a brand new title and positioning for the program, “Slingshot Recovery,” which was HUGE for market resonance and results
— I basically rewrote the first few paragraphs of the promo for him (don’t ask for this or expect it, but it happened here)
— “It was the most popular thing we’ve promoted in 2 years.”

“We didn’t promote it with any teleseminars, and I don’t believe that we had any affiliates mailing for it. And it was just, ‘I’ve got a sales letter, and the sales letter has to sell the thing.’ And it worked.”

Pay attention as Perry talks about the decision to get a copy review: “How much is it worth to get your copy from ‘it might be okay’ to ‘it’s most likely pretty good’? How much is that worth? And how much is it worth for somebody to tell you that your baby is ugly before the rest of the world does? … I highly recommend it. I’ve been doing it for 4 or 5 years and I’m very happy with it.”

Dr. Kevin Mao: “The biggest kind of objective, tangible change has been the significant increase in the sales conversions… That’s the biggest objective proof that it’s worked.”


— Kevin identified the “leaky holes” in his client acquisition strategy and was able to fix them for more efficient ad spend and customer acquisition.
— He increased total revenue and profits “significantly” without spending any more on advertising.
— He developed a specific, repeatable approach to writing copy for his business that can basically generate all the clients he can handle.

“It’s too damn hard to do it by yourself… Ultimately having someone tap you on the shoulder and say, ‘Hey, shift over here,’ can make so much difference in terms of your mindset and ability to see things for how they need to be seen. Getting that outside view perspective is so crucial and important. If it’s something you want to be good at, and want to excel at, you need coaching. Roy’s going to tell you need, straight to the point. And that’s what you need in a coach. So just do it.”

80/20 Mastery exceeded expectations by about 20 to 30%. Thanks for your help refining the sales letter!
Perry Marshall

Bestselling author on Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising, author of 80/20 Sales and Marketing

OK final results: from 2.85% to 4% cold traffic conversion. Well done!
Ben Simkin

Australia's #1 Facebook Expert, $1.45 Billion Sales, featured by Forbes, Inc, HuffPo, Entrepreneur

Roy is not just a great copywriter but now an industry leader as well.
Brian Kurtz

Business Builder at Boardroom, Inc./BottomLine, Founder, Titans Marketing