Client Success Stories

Here are some of the successes Roy has had with his clients.

Awesome REI

Real Estate Investing Expert Publisher

During copy reviews and consulting, provided messaging direction company has now adopted across most of their customer acquisition promotions.  Initial funnel scaled to over $1 million in front-end sales (approximately 10,000 customers) and $9 million+ total revenue.  Customers are acquired on course offers and ascended through additional course, software, and coaching offers.  Have scaled to over $1 million in average monthly ad spend following Roy’s messaging suggestions.  Inc. 5000 list during tenure with the company.

Titans Marketing / Brian Kurtz

“The Event of the Decade” — Dan Kennedy

Copywriter for Brian Kurtz’s Titans of Direct Response event, featuring Dan Kennedy, Gary Bencivenga, Greg Renker, Jay Abraham, Ken McCarthy, Perry Marshall, Joe Sugarman, Brian Kurtz, David Deutsch, Parris Lampropoulos, and others.  Generated over $1 million in registrations — from a who’s who of direct marketing — and filled hotel conference facilities to capacity.  Assisted Brian with transition from #2 role at Boardroom, Inc./BottomLine to launch of Titans Marketing brand.

Perry S. Marshall & Associates

Online Advertising and 80/20 Sales & Marketing Expert

Reviewed copy and consulted on many of Perry Marshall’s biggest campaigns since 2014, consistently providing messaging feedback, positioning and offer strategy, and other recommendations.  Including many extremely high-performing campaigns for online coaching and in-person seminars.  Perry says, “The testimonial for Roy Furr is: I don’t like to put anything out there that’s really important, that’s gotta move the needle, without running it past Roy.” 

Casey Research

Investment Research Publisher

Created campaign structure around video premiere events that generated 20,000 registrations including 10,000 new leads from first implementation. First-time customer revenue generated of over $400,000 was 3X client expectations. Campaign structure was so successful, it was adopted company-wide, including sister companies, and was used as primary marketing campaign structure until the company was sold.  Also broke sales records with a back-end campaign generating over $1 million in under 3 weeks.  Inc. 5000 list during tenure with the company.

Lee Bellinger’s Independent Living

Survivalist Publisher & Product Creator

A five-minute conversation and recommended price test doubled margins over COGS on the highest-ticket item in the catalog, and a 12-month impact of over $500,000 in profits for the company.  Created a sales promotion that generated over $1 million in high-ticket sales.  Beat customer acquisition control by 2.3X response.

CBT Nuggets

IT Training Publisher

Helped grow sales from $2.5 million to $8 million in 4 years.  Launched dozens of new offers including a subscription model the company continued to grow to over $30 million in annual revenue.  Managed many aspects of marketing, built a marketing team, managed $30,000/month in ad spend.  Implemented consultative selling for high-ticket training library sales.  Inc. 5000 list during tenure with the company.

AWAI Online

Online & In-Person Copywriting Training

Broke sales record with largest new opportunity course launch in company history.  Created multiple successful campaigns for online courses as well as annual Bootcamp.

Angel Publishing

Investment Research Publisher

Created multiple customer acquisition and back-end promos, acquiring approximately 8,000 new customers and generating 7-figures in revenue.  Recruited and managed a small team of copywriters to create campaigns.

Copywriting Coach & Copy Chief

Have personally hired, worked with, coached, and trained many copywriters who have gone on to highly-successful careers.  Including Chris Wright, Julie Hassett, Joshua Lee Henry, Vitaly Grinblat, Shiv Shetty, Tim Alwell, and more.

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